Proactive or Reactive?

Are anxiety and attention disorders treated mostly as a behavior issue in the classroom? It seems that most conversation centered on students with ADHD or ADD focuses on their fidgeting and disruptive behaviors. Incorporating movement into the classroom can be helpful keeping students engaged and hopefully gives students less down time between tasks.

Active Academics is a great resource for integrating physical activity into your lessons for any subject area. Getting students out of their desks and working with classmates can make a difference in their eagerness to learn.

Active Maths is also a site that offers many ideas relating to group work and interactive learning in math. From “walking worksheets” to “whiteboard quizzes,” there is so much to try in the classroom.

My outlook regarding students with ADHD and ADD has definitely been affected by researching assistive technology and instructional strategies. My perspective has changed from reactive to proactive. Reactive is discipline and consequences, proactive is getting students the tools they need to learn with their peers.

My new question is: “What assistive technology can I use with my students that will enable them to become independent learners?” By learning about these tools and helping students understand why they are important, they will be prepared for learning at the next level.


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