Building Confidence…

Not just for your student, but for yourself!  Many times, we have great ideas, great online resources, great co-workers, but we are not confident in ourselves to implement these ideas into the classroom.  Students are usually eager to try new things, especially if it deals with technology or having fun in the classroom.  I’ve learned that reading other educators’ experience on blogs, like WordPress, and social media, like Twitter, can give you great insight into the world of special education.

The resources we’ve investigated and developed recently are exciting and I cannot wait to use them in my career.  The Symbaloo webmix I have created, is really designed for the content I may be teaching one day.  While focusing on middle grades content area, I have included resources for students and teachers for assistive technology ideas.  There are internet resources and software programs for different modes of presentation, engagement, and expression to promote a UDL classroom.  I believe Symbaloo has been my favorite project this semester!

Practice makes perfect!  Getting comfortable with technology is the first step.  Be adventurous, go outside of the textbook, paper, and pencil learning methods.  Your students learn in different ways, so you should learn to teach in different ways.  For a special educator, these differences are necessary for students with disabilities to learn and succeed.  Teaching students how to help themselves learn, is a way to prepare them for their lives after high school.


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