Building Memory Skills

For students with attention disorders, retention of information can be a real struggle.  I am interested in finding entertaining apps and resources that improve memory.  Using @edutopia to research some of these resources, I discovered an interesting topic.  Laughter increases dopamine levels, which increase long-term memory retention.  Think about it…you hear a funny joke and can repeat it many times without practicing!

Any time you can make learning fun, students will respond!  Students, especially students with disabilities, learn better from visual aids.  Videos, images, maps, and interactive apps can be useful with visual learners.  Unique Creatures of Australia on may not cause “rolling on the floor” laughter, but most kids love animals, especially the odd creatures of Australia.

Evernote Peek is an app that works as a cheat sheet for notetakers, giving visual cues to enhance memory.  I can’t wait to do more digging to find other exciting apps for students!

Evernote Peek


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